Barbara Rowe

Artist of the Black Hills member Barbara Rowe
Nature’s nuances influence my artwork such as the iridescence of ancient ammonites, light dancing on faces of crystalline minerals, and rock formations freely sculpted throughout geologic time. Advanced degrees assist in observation, selection, and visual interpretation of forms belonging to the Earth for millions of years. These processes result in multi-media artwork based on the strength of nature’s designs and evolutionary processes. Barbara Kieffer Rowe earned a B.S. with a Major in Art at Black Hills State University, SD and was an art educator for 10 years. She later obtained a B.S. in Geology and an M.S. in Paleontology at the SD School of Mines and Technology. Barbara worked as a professional hydrologist for 20 years. She continued to create through the years and is now a full-time artist blending these aspects of her life into artwork at her Black Hills studio. Barbara’s artwork is inspired by exploration of the natural world. An additional theme for her artwork is an appreciation of the grace and movement of Arabian horses. These paintings are frequently enhanced with tactile materials, such as horse hair and beadwork. A distinction of Barbara’s expression is realism accompanied by subjective imagination. She applies acrylic paint and mixed-media to cold-pressed paper and to canvas by applying layers of transparent washes in addition to bold brush strokes that exhibit the opaque quality of the media. Art pieces by Barbara have been included in regional, national and international competitions. She is honored that people of all walks of life have selected her work for their homes and for private and corporate collections.
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Barbara Rowe
Ammonites: Aquatic Dancing Duo, Acrylic/watercolor/foil on paper, 22" x 28"
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