Erica Harvey

Artist of the Black Hills member Erica Harvey

Through her imagery Erica hopes to instill the same love, passion and desire she has for this amazing world into others. She wants her photographs to inspire people to save our planet; not destroy it. Her goal is to teach others how to capture the world around them and show them what can happen if they simply slow down to listen.

Erica has been taking pictures for over 25 years. This never-ending love affair with photography started when she was only 8 years old. Her mother had inherited a Canon AE-1 Program and after a few months she realized that the camera was meant for her daughter, whom went on to win her first photography contest that very year. That camera stayed with Erica until she graduated High School and moved to Santa Barbara, California to go to Brooks Institute of Photography were she earned her Bachelors Degree in Visual Journalism. Since graduated Erica has been running her own photography business in Rapid City, South Dakota for 10 years. She started off with a commercial photography focus, but has now transitioned her photography business to focus more on her artistic nature photography and educating others on how they can better capture the world around them.

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