Bonnie Halsey-Dutton

Artist of the Black Hills member Bonnie Halsey-Dutton

My artwork honors stories and explores humankind's connection to the past.  Growing up and living in South Dakota has impacted my imagery. My art explores cultural symbols, ancient artifacts, and regional stories.  When I paint, I explore how these narratives shape our world.  

The concept of barter and questioning what constitutes currency drives much of my recent artwork.  Cultures have become intertwined, and physical objects along with humans themselves, continuously circumnavigate the earth and make new connections.  

As a society, we increasingly realize the need to revisit primal knowledge and look to the earth for balance. My paintings reflect my growing awareness of the ecological impact of our lifestyle.  I endeavor to challenge viewers of my art to examine the world with a different perspective.  

Born and raised in South Dakota, like many young people, I married and promptly left the state.  I lived and painted in Minnesota, Georgia and Pennsylvania for many years before deciding to return to my roots.  Returning to the Black Hills in 1996, I appreciate my previous explorations, but am glad to call South Dakota home.

My art is in numerous private and public collections internationally.  I have an extensive exhibition record of solo and group exhibitions across the United States and abroad.  My full resume is available through my website.  Additionally, an extensive colleciton of additional images, descriptions about each artwork, and a blog that I write about my art and undertakings are also available on my website. 

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Trade Bead Upset
24 x 36" Watercolor on Clayboard
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