Ildiko Wagoner

Artist of the Black Hills member Ildiko Wagoner

Capturing elements of nature in metal and stone is like watching a flower to blossom right before your eyes: exiting, beautiful and a very humble experience.

Hungarian born Ildiko Wagoner was first intoduced to jewelry manufacturing 25 years ago while working for a Black Hills Gold company in Rapid City, SD. From then on scetching designs and turn them into wax and metal pieces of art became the focus of her life. After earning a degree in engineering and another in information management in Hungary, she earned a certificate from Gemological  Institute of America to further her talent in design.

With her husband Roger Wagoner they established Roger Wagoner Designs in 1998 and took on all aspects of creating a line of nature inspired jewelry. Teamwork and the combination of their talents results in fresh and unique designs.

Ildiko is inspired by the wild flowers of the Black Hills and  Genuine Gemstones, using black hills gold leaves of her own design .Being a designer for the industry for neatly 20 years, Black Hills Gold jewelry designing has become an important part of her accomplishments.Custome design is one of many facets of Roger Wagoner Designs in which Ildiko takes part. She has an ability to interpret the customer's idea on paper and then execute it as it was on paper.

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 Forget-Me-Not & Rhodonite Necklace & Earring 
Sterling silver center design depicting a garland of forget-me-not flowers with  10K gold red & green black hills gold leaves. Matching sterling silver flower beads are strung with Rhodonite, Gold Stone and Swarovsky Crystal beads.
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