Marion Toillion

Artist of the Black Hills member Marion Toillion

Marion was encouraged in art at an early age by her grade school teachers in rural Nebraska. Having grown up on a farm, animals and people were fun to paint or draw. These remain an interest as well as landscapes and flowers of South Dakota.

“In my early years as an artist I worked in oil but after being exposed to watercolor, playing around with the medium and developing my own style, I found it to be quite challenging and also very rewarding. It has allowed me to create designs and colors that I was unable to obtain with any other medium.”

In developing her own style of painting, Marion has studied a number of years under well known artists and has taken lessons in Argentina, and the Philippines.

“My style is very detailed yet loose so the viewer can use their own imagination on the painting.”

Marion is a member of the Montana Watercolor Society, the Red River Watercolor Society, a signature member of the Northern Plains Watercolor Society, and the Artists of the Black Hills.

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